Octopus & Squid (Cephalopods)

At Gordon’s Bay Fisheries we offer a variety of quality products from this group of fascinating ocean dwelling creatures called cephalopods that include the eight-armed octopuses, ten-armed squids and cuttlefish.


Octopus is delicious grilled, pickled or poached in its own juices. Octopus is found around the world on the tables of diverse cultures and prepared in traditional ways that include Japanese Takoyaki, Masala’d in Mauritius, grilled or braised with olive oil, garlic, lemon and oregano in the Mediterranean, braaied over coals in South Africa and much more. 

At Gordon’s Bay Fisheries the cleaned octopus undergoes a process of tumbling to remove excess water that mimics tenderising the octopus on a rock. Each octopus is individually vacuum packed and frozen. If prepared correctly a tender product is guaranteed.

Seasonal availability: All year, weather dependent


Octopus vulgaris (shallow water) and Octopus magnificus (deep water) are the two species of octopus that are caught in South African waters for culinary purposes. The octopus is a solitary and fiercely territorial creature that lives on the ocean floor in caves and dens. They are fast growing (up to 5kg within the first year) and seldom reach an age of more than 1-2 years. It is believed that males die after the reproduction process and females die shortly after her meticulously tended eggs hatch.

The majority of the octopus we offer are caught in South African waters as a bycatch of the commercial crayfish industry.Octopus is a source of Vit B3, Vit B12, potassium, iron and selenium.


Squid: (Loliginadae family)

Squid, also known as calamari, is a popular seafood item in various parts of the world. Squid has a firm, white meat with a mild, slightly sweet and nutty flavour. More than 300 species of squid live in the world's oceans, but fewer than a dozen species enter the market for culinary use. At Gordon’s Bay Fisheries we offer a variety of squid caught in South African and Namibian waters.

Loligo patagonica from Namibian waters is a tender, small squid popular stuffed, grilled or fried.

Pota (Todarodes sagittatius) from Namibian waters is a larger squid and is often cut into rings or strips for grilling and frying. The tender Pota tubes are covered naturally with a thin membrane that must be removed before cooking. 

Chokka/ Cape Hope chokka (Loligo reynaudii) is caught on the east coast of South Africa and sold whole and uncleaned for culinary or bait purposes. Chokka must be cleaned before cooking by removing the membrane, beak and pen inside. Chokka is a tasty squid with a slightly more chewy texture. Chokka is suitable for grilling, frying and as an accompaniment in a seafood pot.




Squid is a source of zinc, manganese, copper, selenium, Vit B12 and ribofavin.